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Invest in Gold CFDs with fordeinvestmentltd


Invest with us and enjoy the benefits of vivid trade with up to 1:20 leverage. Our Trade experts choose a mix of spread betting and CFD Trading to speculate on Gold prices across various commodity exchanges such as LSE, NYME and HKEX.

Gold Trading is a lucrative option for many Investment firms as it provides the perfect balance between low risk and high returns trade. Throughout the global financial crisis, many investors chose to invest in gold as a hedge against economic turbulence. Although both gold and currency prices are largely determined by the market and economic events, the specific events influencing those values differ significantly.

We speculate on gold futures with spread bets and CFDs. We seldom invest directly in Gold. Our gold futures trading occurs 24 hours a day, five days a week, except between 10pm to 11pm (Singapore time).

Spread bets and CFDs enable us to speculate on the price of gold without having to take ownership or delivery of the underlying market. This means that they can be used to take a position on the price of gold rising (by going long), as well as falling (by going short).



Better Safety
Gold is a safe haven investment during volatile and turbulent markets
Greater Profit Potential
The bid spreads are tight, while leverages can go up to 200:1, allowing to make greater profits in less time
Shorting the Markets
Gold allows us to trade on falling markets as well as rising markets
Hedging against Inflation
Trading in Gold helps to hedge against rises in Inflation
Extended Trading Hours
Commodities trading operate almost 24/7 giving us more trading time
Low Transaction Costs
No fordeinvestmentltd gains Tax are required to be paid for CFD and Spread Bets in the Singapore


At fordeinvestmentltd , we utilize a variety of strategies and techniques to decide the best entry/exit point and timing to buy and sell currencies.
Fundamental Analysis
When doing our fundamental analysis we look at the fundamental indicators of an economy to try and understand whether it is undervalued or overvalued, and how gold’s value is likely to move relative to another Commodity
Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis involves reviewing the past and recent behavior of gold and its price trends with the help of charts and sophisticated softwares to determine where the prices will rise or fall.
Trend Trading
This involves us identifying any upward or downward trend in a gold prices and choosing trade entry and exit points based on the positioning of the commodity price within the trend and the trend's relative strength.


we utilize a variety of strategies and techniques to decide the best entry/exit point and timing to buy and sell Gold.
Moving averages Trading
The moving average aims to smooth out historic price data, calculating the average price over a certain period of time. This allows us to look how the current rate compares to the average, which will filter out any sudden or unexplained movements that could distort the historic price data.
Fibonnaci retracements for Pivot Points
Pivot points help isolate the price at which sentiment in market is likely to change. Calculating the pivot point is done by simply averaging out the high, low and closing price of any given security. This pivot point is usually referred the following day to signal what mood the market is in.
Bolly Band Bounce Trade
Bollinger Bands helps to analyze and identify when sentiments and prices will change direction within a range-bound market. This identifies three important levels that put the current price into perspective: the trendline (where it is heading now), the upper line (where resistance will be met), and the lower line (where support will kick in).
Relative strength index (RSI)
This index is an indicator of momentum that compares the average gain made when prices have risen over a set period of time, for 14 days as an example, compared to the average losses made in the same period. This provides an idea of whether gold is set to become overvalued or undervalued in the near future

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