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    Forde Investment has developed a structure for a commercial real estate-backed digital asset security exchange that can be domiciled in virtually any country. This decentralized exchange (RayXchange) is intended to serve as a trading platform designed specifically for these digital securities that connects global investors with local real estate operators on a single-asset investment basis. The exchange will enable investors to move from top down portfolio-based strategies towards direct investment opportunities and personalized lot sizes. The project aims to digitize the entire real estate investment value chain so all workstreams are transparent, efficient and cost-saving.
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    We are grateful to have such a dedicated and passionate teammates, we believe that it's crucial to maintain long and smooth flow under variant conditions. Specially more so in a technology influential industry, (such as: 'Fintech'), in our view dedication is the binding ingredient required to formulate a great success.
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    Our mission serves as touchstones, helping us define who we are and what we do as an organization. Here at Forde Investment we endeavor to help our patrons accomplish their dream of attaining financial freedom with the expert knowledge we’ve acquired through years of experience in Crypto Industry. Our primary goal is to show how joyful and easily accessible crypto investing can be with a trusted enterprise by your side.


Cryptocurrency brings nice income if you deal with it wisely. This e-money isn't issued by the banks, isn't regulated by the government, isn't given as a loan. All the operations are processed only in digital form, and everyone can generate cryptocurrency, or mine. No world factor can influence the development of this technology. There are just economical laws, demand and offer.
Competence And Professionalism
We are responsible for the quality of provided services and therefore make sure they are the highest, and that real professionals provide the services.
Openness And Authenticity
The company provides reliable information about its activities to its customers and partners. The company ensures openness within and encourages innovation.
Global Community
Our team is tight-knit, no matter the distance or time zone. We care about each other, from professional growth to personal life changes. You’ll be welcomed by a group of genuine people who have your back.
The company practices the establishment of long-term and stable relationships with customers, creditors, suppliers, and partners based on trust and mutual benefit, with due account for their interests, needs and expectations.
The company ensures integrity in relations with customers and partners, providing reliable information required for decision-making, planning activities, accounting, monitoring, and analyzing performance results.
We value trust and commit ourselves to not disclosing information about the Customer and their activities to third parties. Data and information obtained in the course of business relations with the Customer is strictly confidential.
24/7 Support
The best specialized professionals from Capital Shares will come to your aid in case business circumstances require it. Each Client of the Company can count on a personal approach in resolving all possible issues related to cooperation with us.
Data Security
Our platform provides a high level of security for its customers. The company's servers are resistant to any DDoS attacks, as well as all traffic from clients to go through reliable SSL encryption.

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